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Port State Control at Work
It is known that the responsibility for ensuring that ships comply with the provisions of the relevant instruments rests upon the owners, masters and the flag States. Some flag States fail to fulfil their commitments contained in agreed international legal instruments and subsequently some ships are sailing in an unsafe condition, threatening the lives as well as the marine environment. Port State control is a system of harmonized inspection procedures designed to target sub-standards ships with the main objective being their eventual elimination.
Co-operation between flag State and Port State
Having recognized that the main responsibility lies with the flag State on the one hand and the inability for a variety of reasons of some of flag States to meet, entirely, their obligations under the conventions resulting in the existence of substandard ships it is imperative to develop close co-operation between flag States and port States.
It is a fact that the most important largest Registries have become so due to the attraction of ships whose beneficial ownership belongs to traditional maritime countries which again, for a variety of reasons have chosen a particular port of regulation as oppose to others.  It is in the best interest of all to develop an effective flag State/port State interfaces for the sake of safe shipping.
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